The importance of having customer for life and retain customersLa importancia de tener un cliente de por vida y fidelizar clientes

Not all the quality of your service generates satisfaction to your customers, you also have to take into account the opinion of your customers. Companies strive to make high quality service to achieve customer satisfaction, in turn companies seek to turn customer loyalty for the firm to earn higher profits. Increase benefit rates, not only […]

Increase your customers confidence in your business with Byom!Aumentar la confianza de tus clientes en tu negocio con Byom!

Trust is fundamental to create a bond with your client in the long term. Let your customers lose confidence you have in your business, it’s bad for your company and for the image of this, not to mention how much it costs to rebuild trust. The confidence is not lost due to other or from […]

How to improve your customer experience in your businessComo mejorar la experiencia de tu cliente en tu negocio

Almost half of the clients are using email to communicate with a company. To improve communication with your customers and know what they need, you need to create new ways to have direct communication with the customer. The 48% of customers use email to communicate with businesses and less than 20% the phone or web. […]

Listen to your customers to improveEscuchar a tus clientes para mejorar

To improve’ll have to listen to the opinions of your customers. Not just better know what you’re doing well, you should also know the views of your customers to know what you do wrong or what I can improve, in short, put yourself in your client, that four eyes are better than two . Now […]

Why do I need Byom! in my business?¿Por qué necesito Byom! en mi negocio?

Knowing your customers’ opinions is not easy, but with Byom! There are several questions you can assault when Byom to have! your local and we will try to solve the: 1.To improve. Knowing the opinion of your customers, especially your suggestions will help you improve your business and your next visit. 2.Fidelización. Listen to your […]

How do your customers loyal?¿Cómo fidelizar a tus clientes?

Customer loyalty is another step towards the success of your company or product. No matter how different that is your business, you always have competition and have to fight for every customer who enters your premises or consume one of your products. The success of a company lies in ensuring that the customer is satisfied […]

¿El cliente es lo primero?

Ahora no es solo importante ofrecer un buen producto, el local tiene que ser limpio, los empleados amables. Hacer que el cliente se sienta siempre especial. El problema es que el cliente tiene mucho donde elegir ya que la competencia es cada vez más dura, entonces la empresa debe apostar por algo nuevo, crear una […]

Differentiate yourself from the competition, obtaining the opinion of your customersDiferénciate de la competencia, obteniendo la opinión de tus clientes

The customer has become more demanding than ever and an environment where competition is even more aggressive, and a large consumer crisis, we must find the differentiation beyond what we offer. This differentiation, find listening to your customers. Empathize with the customer, know what you want and need before you demand it, is a way […]

Rewarding Customer to send us their opinion?¿Recompensar al cliente para que nos envíe su opinión?

Participate in a sweepstakes, get discount vouchers, is an easy way to motivate your customer evaluate your service and send you their opinion. But, really, the reward is the motivation for your customer to submit your review? The answer is NO Most customers say that the reward is not what moves them to give their […]

¿Cómo consigo las opiniones de mis clientes?

Una pregunta que todo dueño de una empresa se hace: ¿Mis clientes se van a tomar el interés de rellenar un cuestionario en papel y darnos su opinión? El consumidor es consciente de que las empresas pasan por un momento difícil de ventas y que para ellos es importante saber que piensan de su negocio […]